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Kava, Kakava

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Originated from a stylish coffee house in Australia, Flat White has earned its reputation for specially formulated milk which was made by highly skilled baristas and pure Espresso. The unique technique allowed to create marvelous consistency together with luxurious nut-colored foam. Discover the Fla..
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Espresso Classico - We have added all the experience and knowledge we have gained to this blend of classic Espresso in order to get the best expression of the aroma of Espresso when using a coffee capsule. The carefully selected Arabica meets the roasted Robusta, which perfectly revitalizes the mixt..
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Espresso Arabica - Pure Arabica for the Moka coffee type is a strong and complex coffee with delicate caramel notes. The mixture is moderately balanced, the aroma is intense and the body is firm and well rounded.   Filicori Zecchini, since 1919 a story of passion and coffee Ever since 1919, Filicori..
Be PVM:5,06€
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